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Welcome To Ripple Broadband
Your newest internet solution in Navarre, Midway, Gulf Breeze. We're here to bring a touch of magic to your online world.

At Ripple Broadband, we believe in the power of      Reliable              Fast            Consistent High Quality internet and delivering exceptional customer service with a smile.

Our Story

Founded in 2022 by Jacob Anderson and Justin O’Day, Ripple Broadband was born out of a shared frustration with the lack of fast, reliable, and affordable internet options in our community. Like many others, Jacob and Justin experienced the challenges of unreliable connections and limited choices. Determined to find a solution, they embarked on a journey to bring better internet to their own homes and discovered an opportunity to provide improved options to the entire community.

The sorry state of existing options just didn’t cut it. The sluggish expansion of the major providers fiber network left many areas longing for connectivity, while the local cable provider’s reputation for reliability issues and “customer service” nightmares became the stuff of legend. Enter Ripple Broadband.

Our secret weapon? Reliability. We’ve constructed a rock-solid network infrastructure that laughs in the face of digital storms, ensuring you’re never left hanging mid-stream or mid-game. And guess what? We won’t drain your pocket either. While other providers blow their budget on flashy billboards and glitzy sponsorships, we prefer to invest in grassroots marketing that gives back to our incredible community.

What sets Ripple Broadband apart? Here’s the kicker: we’re not about gimmicks or empty promises. We won’t sell you on overcompensating speeds you don’t need. We won’t lock you into soul-crushing long-term contracts. That’s not what we’d want, and we don’t think you do either. We’re here to be your friendly neighborhood internet provider, delivering unmatched service and support with a smile.

Our team

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Jacob Anderson


Justin O'Day


Penny Ward


Tyler Hink

Business Development and Marketing

Mandi Payne

Business Administrator

What We're About

Our Values

At Ripple Broadband, we live by a few guiding principles that keep us focused and motivated to provide the best service and experience possible.


We believe that our customers deserve internet services that they can count on. We strive to provide the most reliable internet solutions and to continually improve our infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted service.

Customer Service

Our customers are our top priority, and we are committed to exceptional customer service at every touchpoint. We believe that listening to and understanding our customers' needs is key to building long-lasting relationships.


We conduct our business with honesty and transparency, and we believe in treating our customers, employees, and partners with the utmost respect and integrity.


We are committed to being an active and responsible member of the communities we serve. We believe in giving back and supporting local initiatives that help to make our communities stronger and more connected.

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